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    This site is dedicated to helping you find the help you need with your utility bills. No matter if you've been laid off, and can't pay your utility bill, or if you just react in horror when you open your bill every month, we have put together a list of resources to help you.

    We all have bills to pay every month. With the low economy and recession in today's world, most of us could use extra help. Electricity and gas are necessary for heating, cooking, daily cleaning and bathing. Telephones are a must for most of us too, especially the disabled. Water and rent are necessities. We need water to clean the house, take baths or showers, and for drinking. In short, you must have utilities to live safely.

What you will find on this site:

This site is generally split into two categories: 

Low income assistance- These programs and sections are for individuals who are either low income, or have suffered a recent financial hardship  such as job loss, illness or death in the family. If this describes you, make sure to check out our how do I qualify page.

Open availability- This section has different programs that anyone can participate in. These programs are geared to help the average individual lower their utility bills, or save money on utilities.

No matter which category you fall in, check out our ways to raise quick cash. We have found articles and helpful stuff to get the entrepreneur in you fired up.

Other helpful programs

Usually if you need help with your utility bills, you have a few other problems in your life. We put together a list of other programs we found helpful. From rent to dental care, we found ways to help you get what you need!

Ways to raise quick cash

Sometimes you just need a little extra cash. But what do you do when you have exhausted all the traditional methods of raising money, like payday loans or borrowing from friends or family? We have collected some of our favorite money making articles and resources here.

God helps those who help themselves.
-Benjamin Franklin

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